Who We Are


Gateway Sight & Sound was started by the industrial automation experts at Gateway Engineering, Inc.  Gateway Engineering is headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas and has a commitment to excellence that spans more than 20 years.  Gateway Engineering designs fully automated and networked control systems for manufacturing plants and factories across the globe.

Multiple members of Gateway Engineering have the highest level of certification in working with control systems.  In addition, Gateway’s team includes certified and expert computer programmers, installers, master electricians, and master HVAC technicians.

Gateway Sight & Sound builds on the excellence and expertise established by Gateway Engineering to ensure those of you in the residential and light commercial markets receive the best solutions and the best service possible.


Gateway Sight & Sound consists of a talented group of professionals who have a wide variety of training, background, and experience.  In addition to staff members already a part of the Gateway Engineering team, there are dedicated professionals whose sole purpose is to provide you with valuable expertise and excellent customer service.

Gateway Sight & Sound takes a customer-centered approach where we listen and learn from you to provide the high-quality solutions you want and deserve.  We have only met our goal when we exceed your expectations and, of course, provide you with powerful, reliable, simple to use solutions.


While others can provide quality products, Gateway Sight & Sound also insists on providing first class customer, sales, and technical service and expertise, at prices that are fair and transparent.  Clients will enjoy a simple, working solution to their automation and custom electronics needs and peace of mind, knowing they have chosen the experts with the most extensive technical experience and a commitment to ensuring their ongoing satisfaction.  We hope you pay us a visit so we can prove to you how seriously we take this commitment.