We start every project off the same way, by listening and learning what you want to accomplish.

During this step, you let us know what your goals are and we provide insight on how Gateway Sight & Sound can help you meet those goals.  In addition, our fully functional Experience Center will allow you to see, hear, and experience first-hand many of the solutions we can provide.

Rest assured that whether you consider yourself a “techie” or you think that a Blu-ray is a deep sea creature, we will make sure this process is simple, fun, and informative for everyone.


After having a full understanding of your goals and expectations, our team gets to work designing a custom-built system, just for you.  During this phase we identify everything needed for the project, down to the last cable, so we can be transparent and upfront with our pricing and timeline.

We also communicate and work closely with any other professionals involved with your project so you know you will have a coordinated effort in which your technology system from Gateway Sight & Sound is integrated, intuitive, and simple to use.


Built by hand; built for you.  Once we have your approval on a design, we immediately begin building your system.  Components, cables, and connections are all tested as your system is built to ensure there will not be any issues during installation and that your system will work as you expect.

You come to Gateway Sight & Sound expecting a reliable, high-quality solution and we make sure to provide that by using some of the best products on the market, including the components that work behind the scenes such as cabling and power protection.  You can rest assured, knowing you have a system that is just as functional as it is simple.


When creating simple is not so simple.  This phase requires extensive programming to create a system that is elegant, powerful, and simple.  Our staff is expertly trained and qualified to program your system and will ensure that not only is everything programmed correctly, but that you are also presented with a user interface that is easy to use and makes sense to you.


During installation is when your system really starts to take shape.  Gateway Sight & Sound will personally deliver and install your system.  Based on your project, this could happen in several stages or all at once.  One thing you can always count on is that we will be friendly, helpful, and as unobtrusive as possible.

During this phase, we also perform on-site testing to ensure all system components are working properly.  Identifying any potential issues at this time allows us to save you precious time and money.


Proper calibration brings it all together.  If you are going to have an elegant and quality technology system, you want to ensure it is working perfectly.  Gateway Sight & Sound’s trained professionals will use the proper tools to ensure everything is calibrated specifically for your environment.

Once we leave your property, you will know that everything is functioning at its highest level and all you have to worry about is enjoying it.


While our solutions are intuitive and simple to use without instruction, we will ensure you know exactly how to get the most out of your system.  Once installation and calibration have been completed, a Gateway Sight & Sound professional will give you a comprehensive walk-through of your entire system.  We will not leave until we know you are comfortable and confident with using all components of your new system.

When we step off of your property, you will feel confident, knowing you have cutting-edge technology that is reliable, simple, and adds a touch of luxury.