It is as simple as the touch of a button.

Ready to watch your favorite movie?   As your movie cues, the sound is set to the perfect level, the shades lower, and the lights dim.  Time to entertain?  Music begins streaming into the entire house and outside patio while the temperature and lighting automatically adjust, preparing your guests for an excellent evening.  Leaving for vacation?  While your security system arms and your doors lock, the thermostat adjusts to save energy and the lights are set to give your house a “lived in” look.  For added peace of mind, you know you can monitor and adjust anything right from your smartphone or tablet and will never have to ask yourself if you left the garage door up, leaving you stress free and ready to relax.

When technology works together, it can make everyday activities easy, enjoyable, and even luxurious.  Gateway Sight & Sound helps make even the most complex and sophisticated technology what it was meant to be…simple.